Monday, 16 February 2015

eReco – A Cure for Piles

Hoarding is a disease. And we are all guilty of it, for no good reason really. Yes you are. Somewhere in your office building or factory or lockup or whatever, there is a pile of old junk which you could recycle. You know it and I know it.

Something I hear regularly is ‘I haven’t got much’ or ‘I haven’t got enough to bother with yet’ but that is a pathetic excuse. If it is at home, it’s in a cupboard, or in the shed, or in a corner of that garage that is too narrow for your car.

My point is that there are hundreds of tons of WEEE hidden in that garage. We are holding back the progress of sustainability through apathy. You would not do it with glass or paper, so why dither just because it has a plug?

Well, I’ll tell you why. It’s just different. When a bottle is empty, you recycle it. The bin men come once in a blue moon and take it away for you. In business terms, you put it in your skip and the same sort of thing happens. They have even turned the process into a reality TV show for goodness sake (Bin there, done that or something of that ilk).

But for both consumers and businesses alike, recycling electronic gadgetry requires effort. For a consumer it means finding the local amenity, the sort of chore we all hate. Garden waste is much better because in the spring you can take some sort of pride in cutting back your bit of jungle and showing off to all the other chaps with small trees sticking out the back of their cars that you have been at one with nature for the weekend, but disposing of that old PC tower is just dull.

So we pile it up. And we need something to happen to make us take positive action. You will be amazed how often we phone someone, arrange to make a small collection, and then find the list of stuff to be collected growing before our eyes. It is the sector equivalent of having a skip outside your house for a week. In the dark of the night it seems to fill up with all manner of junk.

I have a cure for piles. Unless you are based so far off the beaten track that the chances of a van passing your door are about as likely as Tony Blair saying sorry, call us. Funnily enough, we don’t always fill our vans to the gunnels. I know they don’t actually have gunnels but I am sure I am making my point.

If you call us and your requirement is non-urgent, we will get it when we are passing and therefore charge you accordingly. You may even get a better deal because you are helping us reduce our carbon footprint and make up a decent load. 

And you will feel so much better.

No one likes having piles.