Thursday, 5 February 2015

A Marketing Interlude

Content marketing is all the rage. In fact we are, you and me, engaged in it right now. This blog is designed to tell the world about eReco, drive traffic to our website and hopefully make the phones light up with business enquiries. We are active on Twitter (@erecorecycling), Facebook and LinkedIn for the same reasons.

I would be more active on Google + if I understood it a bit more. One of my new year’s resolutions is to master that one!

In line with all this activity we are constantly tweaking our website. It is our shop window on the world and in this day and age it is the most important marketing tool we have. We are pushing as hard as we can, but like most small businesses we are trying to pull people in too...attracting them to us like moths to a flame.

I have a dozen statistical reports in my inbox every day telling me about hits, views, mention reach and likes, but what I want to do is turn that into enquiries. Because this is a lot of effort for a small business to take on and do well if there is no tangible return. In larger companies, in a previous life, I have agonised about budgets and spend, but this is the sharp end. Every penny counts.

This blog is into the sixties in posts. I took the time between Christmas and the New Year off, but I have only missed one working day in terms of posts, and that is a record I plan to continue, because I think our strategy is working. EReco will probably have topped 1000 followers on Twitter by the time you read this. Readership of this blog is going up. Our website stats are on a steep upwards curve and we are getting our name out there.

We are also reaching out through other Channels. I have written an article for industry voice on and there will be another article in March in the green issue of Independent Education Today as well. Also in the last month we have been appointed as the IT Recycling Partner to the Eco Schools programme and received DIPCOG approval to operate in the MoD space.

All this has happened since mid October. And the lesson I think I have learned is that there is a lot you can do quite cheaply that will make a difference, as long as you have some patience. In what is only 3 months, we have gone from doing very little marketing to being very active. Seeing the results of that will take time, but when this blog reaches 100 posts, I hope to be able to report back on even more progress.

Thanks for reading.