Friday, 13 February 2015

A Party Political Broadcast on Behalf of the eReco Party

I am sure you haven’t really noticed but there is an election looming. Luckily our politicians are too busy running the country to start campaigning three months before the polls open, so there is every chance you may have forgotten all about it. But whilst Red Ed has been trying to weaponise the NHS the Green party and environmental issues have been rising slowly to the surface.

This is interesting. No really, it is. Personally I believe the new generation of voters, those that can be bothered to turn up at the polls of course, are more attuned to green issues. Indeed, one pundit I caught on the radio recently was talking about both UKip and the Green’s winning seats off the big boys as different issues resonate with the electorate.

Now Nigel Farage and I would agree about many things. I like a pint too, and until very recently I smoked, quite often whilst muttering darkly about some crackpot European problem. But I would not vote for his party. And having looked into the policies of the Green’s I am not sure they are any less exposed to fairly extreme views and lunatic members.

But that is not the point of course. The vast majority of the voting public do not read the manifesto’s or even look at the web sites. They just see good old Nige with a pint in his hand calling Cameron and Miliband names, or they hear about the Green Party and think that a protest vote in favour of the planet might not be a bad idea.

However, as I alluded to earlier, perhaps because the youngsters have been exposed to ‘green’ ideas in their formative years much more than their parents ever were, the electorate is slowly becoming more aware of environmental policy and therefore the major parties have to take heed.

Sustainability really ought to be on the agenda therefore. If I were advising the big three I would be telling them to avoid the crackpot issues and concentrate on things that resonate. Making our lives as sustainable as possible ought to be one of those statements that even Red Ed could swallow rather easier than a bacon sandwich.

It is certainly a question I will be asking on the doorstep. Will the right honourable twit commit to having a sustainability test on all government regulated or controlled activities? Let’s be a lot tougher on people who waste resources and help those who try to make things go further.

Self interest would force me to add some data security principles to my list, but I am not sure a man who once claimed for a duck house would understand my point. I will settle for a grownup, joined up policy on sustainability and a reasonable attitude to business.

My mantra there is educate not regulate, but I am not holding my breath on either issue.