Monday, 19 January 2015

ECO Schools Fits EReco like a Glove (or pyjamas!)

Late last week eReco was confirmed at the IT recycling partner for the Eco Schools project, managed by Keep Britain Tidy.

This is big news for us.

Not only can we promote our fine services to 17,500 member schools but the programme itself is very close to our hearts. Eco Schools really is all about sustainability, reducing energy usage and bringing up future generations in an environment which thinks about what it is doing to the planet.

But the greatest pleasure was in finding out that KBT share our desire to raise the profile of personal data security to school kids at the same time. My next writing challenge is to develop some lesson plans that cover both IT recycling and Data Security – a challenge I am slightly daunted by but really looking forward to.

Regular readers will know that I bang on about more education and less regulation, and this is our chance to put our time and money where my keyboard is. 

This is the coal face, where we can win young hearts and minds early in the game and set ourselves on the road to righteousness in the years to come.

In my primary school years I remember being taught all about decimal coinage. I got my cycling proficiency and did some life saving which seemed to involve diving into a pool in pyjamas and rescuing a brick. All extremely useful stuff. I still keep a pair of pyjamas in the car in case I need to rescue anyone.

But I left completely unprepared for the technological revolution that was about to engulf us all in the nineties. I could not even use a calculator in my maths exam! Imagine the difference for a primary school kid today. Am I the only one who finds those ads where the Mum is asking her phone to help her educate her young son about a trip to the zoo slightly alarming?

They will live in a world where technology and the machines that deliver it are all around us, in and out of work, and they have to be taught how to handle it. Just as we were taught how to ride a bike or cross the road (I do realise kids still do that by the way).

Protecting their data from phishing attacks or at the point of disposal has to become second nature to them. Just as recycling is becoming normal, so must being data aware. Everyone at eReco is proud of our partnership with ECO schools.