Friday, 30 January 2015

Don’t Messi Around, Grab a Bargain!

Lionel Messi has a contract release clause of £200m allegedly. He is still young...he has enough miles in him to justify the fee. And who wouldn’t pay to see the little long as he isn’t plying his trade at Stamford Bridge at any rate.

My point is that everyone and everything has a price. And you can sell anything these days. We have eBay and other auction sites whilst Facebook is full of local selling pages. As long as your expectation is not too high I reckon you could offload most things if the price is right.

For me, the second hand market for electrical goods came as something of a surprise. I had never really thought about it I suppose. I am not gadget mad and my stuff tends to be with me until it dies a natural death. I only got a new TV when my huge, incredibly heavy year 2000 model failed to cope with wide screen broadcasting. I was watching football matches and never seeing the ball hit the back of the net. I did try but I literally could not give it away.

And I never thought of going for a second hand TV. Why would anyone replace a TV set that still worked and coped with wide screen sporting events? It did not compute. But I have to say my next computer will be second hand. I do not game. I do not download video or indeed music to my computer at home and I do not need loads of storage or memory. I like Facebook, I use Microsoft Word and Excel a lot, and I do a little light emailing at home. State of the art is therefore not that important to me, as long as the internet loads fairly rapidly.

Luckily for companies like eReco, other people are rather quicker on the uptake than me. Keeping costs down is important for small businesses and remarketed, refurbished equipment is one way to save some money. That is why old operating systems live on much longer than Bill Gates would probably like. Well, that and the fact that Windows 8 is an abomination of course. One hopes Windows 10 will be an improvement, but ones breath is not being held!

If you or anyone you know is looking for cost-effective options for your business, or indeed home, it makes sense to check out sites like in case we have what you need. You can pick up tested working kit for a fraction of the cost of new and if you get a year or two out of it you will be as pleased as punch, and a sustainability king (or queen) to boot.